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Personal & Spiritual Workshops/Classes

These events are designed to build self-awareness, relating better to yourself, others and the world at large. They help build a deeper connection with your spiritual self and are experiential in nature, including group interaction, creative exercises and/or meditation. Guaranteed to move you beyond your limits, becoming more in tune with your true nature. Yoga workshops also run on a regular basis taking on different themes or areas of practice providing a space to improve and explore your yoga practice. Meditation classes are themed on a specific area of life for development. Examples would be to build self confidence or uncover creative skills and talents. Each meditation is uniquely designed by Michelle to go beyond limited thinking and allow unconscious habits to be released for improved emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Fun, relaxed classes that you are sure to benefit from and enjoy. Traditional Hatha Yoga available to Beginners and Intermediate levels. 1 and 1 ½ hour classes. Yoga clams the mind, strengthens and stretches the physical body and helps us feel more connected to our true nature.

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Weekly 1 hour sessions with Michelle, an experienced and professional counsellor, trained in both conventional approaches and a spiritual model of working supporting you at a transpersonal level. Empowering you to make healthy changes psychologically to live a more fulfilling life.

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1 ½ hour session, including initial consultation, treatment and an opportunity to share experience to complete. This Japanese energetic healing modality helps to bring the mind, body and spirit (or energy field) into alignment promoting optimum health.

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Regular workshops and ongoing skills practice events for those who wish to become a channel for Reiki energy, either for personal use or to progress to a practitioner or teacher. Students are supported and encouraged through their progression from Level 1 onwards.

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