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Michelle Taylor

I have come into the fields of healing, counselling and teaching through my desire to understand life on a deeper level. I am no stranger to life’s struggles and personally overcame many internal and external obstacles to reach the level of awareness I continue to develop. I refer to myself as a “work in progress” honouring that each of us is on our own unique journey. I’ve  brought together my experience as a yoga teacher & reiki practitioner, counselling and self awareness to establish Mind Body Soul Living. I offer a range of services to meet specific needs of my clients on a mind, body and spiritual level. 

My aim is providing a safe space for my clients and students to heal, learn and grow. I established my personal and spiritual development business, Mind Body Soul Living, in 2015. I offer support and empowerment, passionate about growth in myself, and others. I have learnt much through both training and life experience and my aim is to aid other’s anywhere along the way of their personal and spiritual journeys. With various skills and professional qualifications, I have a variety of holistic services on offer.

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Like many who have a spiritual calling I found myself working my ass off for a badly managed organisation that I got little, if any, appreciation from. It was a blessing in disguise really as it gave me the opportunity to put my skills and training into a profession I love.

Yes. The name of the business is an integration of my skills, experience and training in Counselling (Mind), yoga (Body) and Reiki/Spiritual Counselling (Soul) and using them individually or combining them to improve overall lifestyle and wellbeing (Living).

Yes. I hold a CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and a post qualifying Level Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling; a Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate and a 200 Hr Yoga Teaching Diploma approved by Yoga Alliance UK.

When I see clients making positive changes in their lives and growing into their full potential. It takes courage and strength to confront aspects of ourselves we would rather ignore and I admire anyone who can lovingly accept themselves, their weaknesses and take actions to create more fulfilling lives.

I started teaching Yoga in Sept 2017 and my classes have proved very popular with many classes fully booked. From the feedback I receive and my own experience practicing yoga can help with disturbed sleep patterns, see notable improvements in our flexibility and mobility and help us deal better with everyday challenges.

The book is based on a Course of 6 meditation classes I run, teaching participants about angelic energies, how to recognise and tune into them using meditation as a tool. There are 6 meditations covered in the book and on purchase one available for audio download.

I believe that Reiki finds us as opposed to the other way around. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and attended Holistic Counselling – The counsellor channelled Reiki through my shoulders on a chair as we talked and explored my challenges. It was a short time after this in 2006 that an opportunity came off for me to attend a Reiki Level 1 workshop. I use it regularly in my life today for my personal healing process, my family, my home, pets, plants and infusing Reiki into the food that I prepare.

Generally counselling will cover the mental and emotional needs of a client, perhaps touching on spiritual/religious beliefs. Spiritual counselling incorporates the soul of the individual and the work is holistic. Tools appropriate for each client may be used in the session to help them connect with their spiritual connection to themselves or divine beings. Guided visualisation, healing, art & craft, tarot or Oracle cards are some examples.

They are wide and varied and rather than having one area of expertise I see each client as an individual who, given the right support, has the power within them to change their internal and external worlds. Some examples of what I’ve worked with are complex loss and grief; low self esteem and worth; sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse; domestic violence; work related stress; addictions; separation and divorce.

I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) I am committed to safe and ethical practice through adhering to their Ethical Framework.

Each meditation class I facilitate has a particular theme, that I have specifically written this might be self-love or igniting your creativity. I discuss the theme and how it might benefit you. I then talk you through what to expect in the guided visualisation meditation and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. I then guide you through the meditation with some gentle music playing and there is an opportunity to share your experiences at the end.

I teach Reiki Level 1 as a course of six weeks or a one day workshop, Reiki Level 2 as a 1 ½ day workshop. I teach 2 ½ hour Yoga workshops with various themes. I also have a personal and spiritual development workshop which I have uniquely designed called, Art of Self-love. Please ask for details or check out the Workshops and Events Page.

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