Helping you attract your wishes and desires, a positive statement affirming a personal goal as if it has already happened eg. “I feel so blessed to be working in my dream job” (naming the job). Repeat this statement three times at regular intervals throughout the day.

An affirmation is any thought that we think or phrase that we speak which we believe to be true. This can be positive or negative. The human condition tends to be program to negative connotations – especially about ourselves. By repeating these statements over and over we infuse them with energy and end up creating more of the same. Perhaps on looking in the mirror as we get dressed we might think to ourselves, “I need to lose weight.” We are affirming.  “I am overweight.” If we are affirming this regularly, each morning, in thought or words we are believing it to be true and as a result tend to stay in the same cycle of believing we are overweight.

Many of these thoughts are in our subconscious minds so we are not even aware of them.  Perhaps as a child a piece of work we completed was criticised by a teacher at school and this affirmed to us that we are stupid. As a child we have black and white thinking and cannot discern that the teacher could be having a bad day or that maybe we needed to learn our times tables better. Instead we attach a belief to the scenario that we are stupid. We then continue to replay this thought to ourselves in similar situations and it becomes our reality. It becomes so familiar that it occurs automatically. As we grow into adulthood we then limit ourselves in our learning because we already establish that we are stupid. See below other conditioned thoughts that are common to many.

Negative belief Positive Affirmation
I am unlovable I am lovable
I am unattractive I am attractive
I am a bad person I am a good person
I am powerless I am powerful

You can see how negative beliefs could limit us in our life choices. By retraining our thinking to the positive affirmations above we can make a positive difference in our lives.

First, we need to find a positive affirmation to work on. One I particularly like is – “I’ve got this!” – I catch myself thinking, “This is hard,” or “I’m struggling” and I turn it around to repeat to myself – “I’ve got this!” I am shifting the energy of the statement from victimhood to empowerment  

Once we choose an affirmation to work on, I suggest we write it down on a small piece of card, so that we have a visual representation. We say it out loud 3 times at intervals throughout the day because this gives it more emphasis. The statement should be in the present tense as if it is already happening, so rather than, “I will lose weight,” which affirms that at some point in the future you will lose weight we say something like, “I am happy with my weight.” Of course, when we begin this exercise, our negative self-talk will be saying – “No you’re not.” However, given time and dedication the negative chatter in our mind will gradually get quieter and diminish altogether and we will see the results of our efforts if we commit to the process.


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