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Helping you attract your wishes and desires, a positive statement affirming a personal goal as if it has already happened eg. “I feel so blessed to be working in my dream job” (naming the

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This simple practice can have profound effects on our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It can be done almost anywhere, is inexpensive and perfection is not the goal, so anything goes – slang, text

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Meditation promotes better sleep patterns, eases stress and anxiety, a relaxation tool and also one method of connecting with your spiritual nature. If you are new to meditation it can take some time and

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We each have a natural drive to create and some of us are more connected to this than others. We need to create in order to meet satisfy our self-expression and identify with one

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Vision Board


This is an excellent tool to help us give focus to and attain our goals. By collaging a collection of words, pictures and/or symbols on a large piece of card we can give shape to

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Yoga techniques for Beginners


Many yoga teachers will give cues on techniques on reaching poses and sometimes a tweak in the right direction can help master a posture that was perceived as unattainable. The important question to ask

Yoga techniques for Beginners 2018-08-25T14:41:27+00:00

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