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Counselling and Spiritual Counselling

Counselling is a process whereby you can come to understand and resolve your challenges alleviating the power they hold over you.

● Relationship difficulties or breakdown ● loss ● trauma ● health issues ● stress ● low mood and lack of enthusiasm ● managing anger or other emotional responses ● a life crisis.

These issues can impact on anyone at anytime and our quality of life and/or relationships can be affected. It is important to address them through some form of therapeutic support.

Spiritual Counselling This may include use of tools in the sessions such as meditation, creativity, prayer or working with divine sources eg. God/Godess, angels, nature, the chakra system.

●Work with everyday issues incorporating your spiritual nature to help resolve

●Examine your inherited religious beliefs to find a spiritual model that is right for you

●Explore spiritual experience -anything of an unexplained nature that has been transmuted through the senses

●Develop your own spiritual awareness

Counselling is normally a process, although Michelle can offer a one off session where necessary. Again your specific needs are individually assessed and a combination of counselling/spiritual counselling can be incorporated into the sessions as required. All beliefs of a spiritual nature are welcomed and respected, as opposed to adhering to a specific belief system. Cost £40 per session (Get one session free with a booking of six sessions, paid in advance)

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