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Sweet Track Spiritual Counselling Training

Sweet Track Counselling Services in Glastonbury, England has been providing professional training for over 10 years. Michelle Taylor, a former student, has introduced Sweet Track Spiritual Counselling Training Northern Ireland as a new approach to counselling for Northern Ireland. The holistic approach to teaching allows learning at an intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual level. This quality professional training in Spiritual Counselling holds a nationally accredited qualification. This course offers good counselling practice with intuitive and psychic understanding.

  • What is Spiritual Counselling? 

  • Creating Sacred Space 

  • Developing inner core energy 

  • Introduction to CPCAB 

  • Ethics, boundaries & psychic protection 

  • Listening skills

  • Counselling skills practice 

  • Giving & receiving feedback 

  • Self awareness & sub-personalities 

Understand the holistic role of a spiritual counsellor and principles of safe and ethical practice. You will have opportunities to develop practice and giving/receiving feedback on listening and communication skills. 

You will have the opportunity to explore and develop different ways of drawing on your creative, intuitive and spiritual abilities, and how to use these appropriately with clients e.g. use of meditation/guided visualisation. 

Respect for different beliefs is at the heart of the course. You will meet both kindred spirits and those with differing beliefs in the group. We offer glimpses of various healing and spiritual traditions available today, enabling you to work with your client’s unique spiritual journey. 

  • Inner child/inner parent: healing the past 

  • Developing intuitive skills 

  • Working with messages and guides 

  • Healing & touch 

  • Spiritual awakening/Spiritual wounds 

  • Using imagery to heal 

  • Working with visualisation 

  • Using ritual & ceremony 

  • Mock exam preparing for external exam 

Learn holistic partnership inner-core energy awareness techniques, which are used consciously to create a sacred healing space for guidance and energy protection. 

This is ongoing and essential in working therapeutically. You will be given models for understanding different aspects of yourself and opportunities to develop positive regard both individually and in a group. Regular time is devoted for personal and group processing. 

Throughout the course you are supported in compiling a portfolio which integrates your learning experience. You receive both group and individual tutorials for support. 

This course is beneficial to you if you are an alternative practitioner or work in a caring capacity and wish to acquire counselling skills to benefit yourself and others. It also may appeal to those of you who want to acquire a deeper understanding of yourself on both a personal and spiritual level and seek to improve relationships both personally and professionally. The Level 2 qualification is a stepping stone to becoming a qualified counsellor and indeed will give you the experience to decide if this is a career development path that you choose to follow. For those of you who are practicing counsellors and psychotherapists this training will allow you to integrate the dimension of spirituality Qualifications 

-Personal therapy to support you during the year 

-Written assignments 

-Portfolio showing participation & understanding 

-External assessment 

Cost: £1675 

Brief details of course and dates 

Application form 2017 

Financial Instalment Plan      

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