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Yoga Explained

Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning “union” is an holistic practice bringing the body, mind and energy field into harmony using physical poses (asana), meditation (yoga nidra) and breathwork (pranayama) Practicing yoga encourages a journey back to our pure authentic self, letting go of unhealthy thought patterns and belief systems. It strengthens, stretches and creates more stamina in the physical body and it helps calm the mind. In everyday terms regular yoga practice can improve physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

Find out how you can embrace the lifestyle


The format of a 1 ½ hour yoga class

The 5 fundamental steps that every beginner must learn before they can call themselves a student of yoga. Let’s master them together

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Usually lying back or sitting, this calms the mind, relaxes the physical body and brings our awareness from the external to the internal. It is part of and in preparation for full practice.


Gentle movements opening the joints and stimulating the muscles, generating heat and energy flow in preparation for stronger postures.

Warming and Strengthening

Postures and flow sequences that tone the muscles, strengthen the body and focus the mind integrating the breath for a rounded practice.


Settling into a higher state of energetic being, cooling the body beginning to let go with acceptance.


Lying back keeping the body still and grounding the energy created. Surrendering to the natural body weight creating a sense of lightness, openness and contentedness.

“I took the yoga introduction class with Michelle today and it really exceeded my expectations.
I’d never tried yoga before, and was worried how much I would be able to do due to my MS.
I didn’t have to worry at all!

She made me feel immediately welcome, and as it was quite a small class which made it a lot more personal. She explained about the practice of yoga in itself, but also of the different poses and how it all connects was very clear and easy to understand and I feel that I learnt a lot.
To my surprise I actually managed to do most of the poses and I felt quite proud of myself for it! 
I’m definitely signing up for more classes and I can’t wait for my next one!”

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